This weekend I was camping with my company, we usually do 2 trips a year to get together, do some team building activity, and basically have a corporate retreat type get together in the woods. This time my boss picked an August trip because we usually go in February and November and its been pretty cold the last few so a few were complaining that we needed to try something warmer. I on the other hand was concerned being a Georgia boy born and bred, that we would be stewing in our own juices all weekend in the woods swatting bugs of some sort. Fortunately it didn’t turn out that way, I was shocked that we had no weather or pest problems.  Read more

After the enjoyable trip we had last July and my first attempt at working from Disney World, we returned again to give it a whirl with some extra knowledge on how to do it even better. The biggest two differences this year are we are staying in a 1 bedroom verses a Studio last year, and we are staying at Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary verses Saratoga Springs last year. Don’t get me wrong, we really enjoyed last year, but Kriss and Kellie pretty much stayed at the resort or walked over to Downtown Disney last year. This year being at the Contemporary opens up a lot more possibilities for them since they don’t like to take the bus or drive in Disney without me so while I work, they can hit the pool, walk to Magic Kingdom, or take a monorail EPCOT. Also staying in a Studio last year put me at the foot of the bed working while they were still asleep in the morning or getting ready, now they can go to the living room or kitchen and I can shut the door if I need quiet. This year we also decided to stay in one place the whole time, last year we hopped from moderate resorts on weekends to a DVC resort do the week, and back to a moderate again for the last weekend. Read more

Just over a year ago, the Disney Vacation Club announced that members staying using their points could access the internet from their room for free, and being able to telecommute, we’d always thought it would be nice to go spend a week or more at Disney and I work from the room and then enjoy Disney when I didn’t need to work. So finally this July we decided to try it before Kellie started back to school, just her Kriss, and I. Read more