This weekend I ran the Tybee Half Marathon, it was part of the Critz Tybee Run Fest, a 5 race, 2 day series of races spaced out so you could run them all and if you did, they add up to a full marathon, 26.2 miles.
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This is it, the last run before the big race. I’ve done all the training I can do before Saturday. Not to say I couldn’t have done more, I’ve missed some runs, I’ve missed some runs recently even. I’ve justified it by thinking that its better to have missed those particular runs and be healthy but “less ready” than to have attempted them and risked injury. But tonight I finished my last 4 miles on a night run, feeling good, with the moon shining down lighting the roads. Read more

Just a few pictures from our trip to the pre-St Patrick’s Day festivities on the weekend before the big parade in Savannah. We’ve been going to Tybee for these for three years now and had a ball ever since, Kriss actually likes it better than the Savannah one. The weather was nice, though the wind could have dropped off just a little, but it was a beautiful day, I don’t think you’ll find a cloud in any of these pictures.

Last year we kind of “discovered” Tybee events. We did Mardi Gras and St Patricks Day parades plus July 4th fireworks and attempted Labor Day but the wind/sand storm forced us to leave. We missed Mardi Gras this year but thought it would be good to get the kids dressed up in green and go get some beads and candy. Read more

Again we took a trip to beautiful Tybee Island for another parade, this time St Patrick’s day. Tybee held it’s parade on the Saturday before the big Savannah parade and we again had kids on hand and an extra one to boot in Courtney, Alyssa’s friend, so we loaded up and trekked to the island hoping for another fun day. It was gray and cooler this time, as opposed to the beautiful day we had in February for Mardi Gras, so we decided to get back off the beach breeze a little and stood on Tybrisa this time. Read more

This past weekend Tybee had it’s first Annual Mardi Gras parade and street party. We had all four kids this weekend so Kriss and I made plans to go down to the beach and check it out. The kids really love going to the beach and the weather was going to be nice. We got there early enough to get good parking and get down by the pier where a few vendors were set up selling beads, masks, drinks, etc. We had over an hour before the parade came so we walked up on the pier and then the kids wanted to go dig in the sand so we let them while we sat on the pier and enjoyed the sun.We ran in to several friends too. Read more