Chase the Sun Ultra Finisher's MedalSaturday I ran my second ultra, the Chase The Sun Ultra. I had been thinking about running this race for a while, it was entered into my run calendar, but I didn’t register for it until 4 days out from the event. What finally convinced me to sign up, other than pay day? Two things, getting to run with local run friends in a bad ass distance race, and the thing that finally pushed me over the fence to register, realizing that race day was the last day of summer. Doesn’t sound like much when you say it like that, but when I thought about it, my first ultra was Bad Marsh Night Ultra 3 months ago, June 22, the first day of summer, so I got to book end summer by running 30 mile ultra, with people I like to be with. Read more

I finally did it. A long time bucket list item has now been checked off the list, I ran a marathon. Since I was a teenager I always wanted to do a triathlon and a marathon so this goal has been a long time coming. I’m not even sure why I had this desire, I never liked running alone until this past year, even last year the slipshod training I thought I was doing for those few 5ks was mind numbingly¬†excruciating. Having a goal and a plan I think was the key! Read more

This is it, the last run before the big race. I’ve done all the training I can do before Saturday. Not to say I couldn’t have done more, I’ve missed some runs, I’ve missed some runs recently even. I’ve justified it by thinking that its better to have missed those particular runs and be healthy but “less ready” than to have attempted them and risked injury. But tonight I finished my last 4 miles on a night run, feeling good, with the moon shining down lighting the roads. Read more

I waited until this evening to write this update for many reasons. Other than being flat tired, if I had written it earlier I would have probably just said “Todays run was a big fat #FAIL!” Today was another first, my first 14 mile long run and finally crossing that half marathon point. Unfortunately many mistakes, some of which I’ve yet to identify yet, I’d actually like some help on some of them and some help planning from here. Read more

After our last trip downtown with the kids we decided to try it again, I know, usually trying to repeat the same good thing doesn’t turn out as well as the last time you did it. We went a little earlier this time and also made plans to meet our neighbors, Bruce and Lonnie, at Mellow Mushroom. While we were killing time before they got there we walked down Broughton Street and hit a few stores and I thought I would buy a belt. I wasn’t wearing one and I’d apparently lost a pound or two so the pants I was wearing were not staying up too well. We went to Ellis Square again but the fountains weren’t running which Kellie wasn’t very happy about, so we went down to River Street and bummed around a bit longer before Bruce and Lonnie caught up to us. After a few more stores we decided to head back towards Mellow Mushroom before it started to get busy. Read more

For the first time in quite a while we had a Saturday with all the kids and nothing on the schedule, nothing that we HAD to do. We wiped the morning out by being lazy, some of us lazier than others. My original idea was to go see the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival but there was a steady rain all morning so I wasn’t sure if it was even going to happen and if so when it would start, chalk and water don’t mix well, but once we were all up and dressed we headed to Savannah. Alyssa unfortunately didn’t get to go because she was babysitting a friend’s 3 month old twins, so we had the 3 younger kids only. Read more

So by now I’m sure most of you know we have this little celebration every March 17th in Savannah, Ga, called St Patrick’s Day. It’s only the 2nd largest parade in the US, but definitely the largest party afterward. It was on a Tuesday this year and the girls were out of school so we headed downtown with our neighbor Lonnie. We got there about 8:00 and headed to a Starbucks for a little warm up/wake up juice and get the kids a little bite to eat. It was still a little cool out and I had opted for shorts opting to deal with the cool for a little while in hopes of making it up on the back side with the predicted nice weather so getting inside out of the windy gray chill was good. Read more

Alyssa was asked to be in the fashion show for Maurice’s at the Southern Women’s Show yesterday. She got to get out of school early and go to the Trade Center Friday and get dressed up/made up and walk the runway. She liked doing it and said she would do it again. Kriss also got to meet a bunch of people like Chef Joe Randall and saw lots of friends there. She has more pictures on her Facebook and at the Southeast411 Page