This is it, the last run before the big race. I’ve done all the training I can do before Saturday. Not to say I couldn’t have done more, I’ve missed some runs, I’ve missed some runs recently even. I’ve justified it by thinking that its better to have missed those particular runs and be healthy but “less ready” than to have attempted them and risked injury. But tonight I finished my last 4 miles on a night run, feeling good, with the moon shining down lighting the roads. Read more

Last run of the week, last run at home for a while. We left today for an 8 day working trip in Disney but I still needed to get my 4 mile run in so I got up and headed out the door before anyone else was up with hopes of cooler temps after the rain we had all Friday afternoon and evening. What I didn’t expect was to walk out into a light sprinkle. Read more