In our household October means EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, at least for the adults, it’s one of our most looked forward to trips all year and has been for 9 years now. Even though we had just been down 3 weeks prior for #EpicOctober and Wine and Dine Half Marathon, I never even made it to EPCOT to try even one dish or glass of wine. Read more

Just a few pictures from our trip to the pre-St Patrick’s Day festivities on the weekend before the big parade in Savannah. We’ve been going to Tybee for these for three years now and had a ball ever since, Kriss actually likes it better than the Savannah one. The weather was nice, though the wind could have dropped off just a little, but it was a beautiful day, I don’t think you’ll find a cloud in any of these pictures.

Friday January 14, Kriss and I attended the Dinner:Possible fundraiser for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Beaufort at the Westin Hilton Head. Robert Irvine had told us about it when we ate at his restaurant eat! back at Christmas. The purpose was to meet his goal of raising enough money to pay off the family’s mortgage, a requirement in order to tear down the original house. I’d never thought about it until past EMHEs but I’m sure the lender wouldn’t be too happy about someone tearing down the house the lien was against. Read more

Typically we go to Disney for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival in mid October or later so we had planned to go the weekend of the 22nd-24th. There was a little logic behind this particular weekend because we had been on both Halloween and Columbus day weekends and both seemed to have heavier than usual crowds, so we booked the weekend in between way back in December. We’ve always had mediocre luck in the weekend we chose because someone cool had either JUST been there and left before we got there, or were coming in the day we left, so we always seemed to miss the cool celebrity chefs of bands playing the Eat to the Beat concert series. We usually book far out like this so well before Disney has booked anyone to come but we’ve tried to wait until later to see who was coming but then we had a harder time getting the resort we wanted for that weekend. So we finally decided “this is what we’re doing and when we’re doing it and we’ll have fun regardless.” This was also planned well in advance of even knowing about #epicoctober2010 since that trip was booked just 3 weeks or so out so we had assumed this would be our only Food and Wine trip. Read more

Wow, that’s the first thing that comes to mind after this trip, what a whirlwind. We’ve always done a lot of last minute trips, sometimes with a purpose, others just to get away, this one definitely had a purpose. I had actually seen earlier this year that there would be a new half marathon on opening weekend of the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, and it would be at night. One of the things on my bucket list is to run a full marathon so while the thought crossed my mind to do this half, I just didn’t think we’d be able to do two trips in October and we already had one planned later in the month. Read more

After the enjoyable trip we had last July and my first attempt at working from Disney World, we returned again to give it a whirl with some extra knowledge on how to do it even better. The biggest two differences this year are we are staying in a 1 bedroom verses a Studio last year, and we are staying at Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary verses Saratoga Springs last year. Don’t get me wrong, we really enjoyed last year, but Kriss and Kellie pretty much stayed at the resort or walked over to Downtown Disney last year. This year being at the Contemporary opens up a lot more possibilities for them since they don’t like to take the bus or drive in Disney without me so while I work, they can hit the pool, walk to Magic Kingdom, or take a monorail EPCOT. Also staying in a Studio last year put me at the foot of the bed working while they were still asleep in the morning or getting ready, now they can go to the living room or kitchen and I can shut the door if I need quiet. This year we also decided to stay in one place the whole time, last year we hopped from moderate resorts on weekends to a DVC resort do the week, and back to a moderate again for the last weekend. Read more

It’s hard to believe another year has finally passed and it’s time for our annual pilgrimage to Disney with the whole family. Travel day, Sunday, was pretty non eventful and went like most of our travel days do. Everyone was up early actually, no one had to be drug out the bed except the youngest one who then slept to somewhere around Daytona I think, and we had no problems or arguments even. :) We got our Little Guy trailer loaded pretty quickly and were on the road 15 minutes before planned. Read more

After our last trip downtown with the kids we decided to try it again, I know, usually trying to repeat the same good thing doesn’t turn out as well as the last time you did it. We went a little earlier this time and also made plans to meet our neighbors, Bruce and Lonnie, at Mellow Mushroom. While we were killing time before they got there we walked down Broughton Street and hit a few stores and I thought I would buy a belt. I wasn’t wearing one and I’d apparently lost a pound or two so the pants I was wearing were not staying up too well. We went to Ellis Square again but the fountains weren’t running which Kellie wasn’t very happy about, so we went down to River Street and bummed around a bit longer before Bruce and Lonnie caught up to us. After a few more stores we decided to head back towards Mellow Mushroom before it started to get busy. Read more

For the first time in quite a while we had a Saturday with all the kids and nothing on the schedule, nothing that we HAD to do. We wiped the morning out by being lazy, some of us lazier than others. My original idea was to go see the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival but there was a steady rain all morning so I wasn’t sure if it was even going to happen and if so when it would start, chalk and water don’t mix well, but once we were all up and dressed we headed to Savannah. Alyssa unfortunately didn’t get to go because she was babysitting a friend’s 3 month old twins, so we had the 3 younger kids only. Read more

Last year we kind of “discovered” Tybee events. We did Mardi Gras and St Patricks Day parades plus July 4th fireworks and attempted Labor Day but the wind/sand storm forced us to leave. We missed Mardi Gras this year but thought it would be good to get the kids dressed up in green and go get some beads and candy. Read more