Crocs Shoe Review

NOTE: I will be amending this post in the near future! edited 3/1/11

Crocs Disney Beach - Black/Red
A few years back my oldest daughter came home from school, 4th grade I think, saying that she wanted a pair of Crocs. We had no idea what she was talking about other than she just had to have a pair. So that weekend we went to the mall and searched and finally found these funny looking “plastic” clog shoes with a Crocodile on them at only two stores I think. They were light, especially in her size and we got her a pair of black ones. Over the next few weeks we all ended up getting a pair and I even got a black pair for myself but I never really wore them other than around the house or maybe a quick trip to the grocery store. Well thirteen pair of Crocs later between the six of us, I can tell you that we are believers in Crocs!

As you can tell, we are also Walt Disney World fanatics and when we aren’t going to Disney World, we are trying to figure out how to get back there or reading about it online in many forums. One of the forums I visit has quite a few discussions about what type of shoes to wear to Disney World and spend lots of time on your feet either walking or standing in line without causing blisters or other foot pain and by far the most popular recommendation is Crocs. I’ve been reading this and looking at these funny looking shoes thinking “WHAT!!” Everything about these shoes is contrary to what you’ve heard about a good walking shoe. Not only are they not supposed to be snug but according to the website they are actually supposed to have a gap around your foot. How does a floppy shoe make a good walking shoe?

So back in February I started reading more about them and trying to get some other opinions than a bunch of Disney freaks on a forum. What finally sold me on this shoe is Jason Graham-Nye’s story from Portland, OR. Jason ran not one but two MARATHONS (thats 26.2 miles EACH) in a pair or Crocs, the same pair both times and ran it in less than four hours! That doesn’t count the 7 weeks of training prior to the first marathon or the training between the two. My jaw dropped. If someone can run hundreds of miles in a pair of Crocs clogs without quitting and choose to do it again, there has got to be something to them. The amount of beating that your whole body takes when running is incredible and the point of every single impact, every step of the way is in your two feet.

So if Jason can run marathons in Crocs, surely I could spend a day walking around Disney in a pair. I don”t know how far I walk in a day in the parks but it sure isn’t anywhere near 26.2 miles and I don’t run anywhere in Disney. We had just come back from a trip to Disney World in early February but we decided to take a quick trip down for St Patrick’s weekend and get away from the crazys in Savannah and do a quick test on these shoes. Especially with our big June trip coming up, I wanted to know for sure that I could be the park commando in these Crocs and not have any problems. Jason didn’t run for the first time in Crocs in the marathon, he trained in them to make sure it would work and I did the same. I even got on our treadmill one night and ran for over two miles in them for over 30 minutes and they did fine. Hmm.

It was a little cool the weekend we went so I did wear socks for warmth and to provide a little extra cushion just in case. We got to the park before rope drop (thats when the park opens for you non-Disney Freaks) and proceeded to blast our way around Magic Kingdom. We walked or stood until around 12:30 when we decided we were heading to EPCOT so we went to the monorail and sat for the length of time it takes to get from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT and then worked our way through all of the rides in the front of the park to the back of World Showcase near Italy, back to Mexico, and then back to Morocco for dinner at 5:30. After dinner we walked the rest of the way around World Showcase to the monorail and back to Magic Kingdom. We made at least two more full laps around Magic Kingdom from as far left as Jungle Cruise, through FantasyLand to Buzz LightYear Space Ranger Spin, back to FantasyLand and watched the Wishes fireworks display, and then wandered around until 10:30 when we decided to take Kellie back to the room since we planned on going to Animal Kingdom Sunday morning for a few hours before driving home. They were great! I had no problems in my Crocs and I am sure now that I can wear them on the big trip chasing the rest of the kids around the parks for a week. The last point about them is they are breathable (less stinky feet smell) and they won’t hold water. On our trip in June ’06, Tropical Depression Alberto moved across Florida for the first two days of our trips and POURED rain on us all day. At the very least we get the typical pop up showers in the afternoon there just like in Savannah. Crocs won’t get waterlogged like a pair of tennis shoes and will air dry quickly. You can read my trip report and see the video from this trip by going to my Disney March ’07 Page and go to my Disney Page and check out other trips as well.

Kellie has three pair herself including a Mickey pair that have Classic Mickey heads instead of holes. She also got a Jibbitz which is a decoration/pin that you poke through the holes, she got Cinderella’s castle. I think you can see them in the video and below in other styles. Also be on the lookout for the NEW Pirate Crocs after Disney’s successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. They’ll likely start selling before the new release this summer of the third movie. Surely Johnny Depp has a pair of these…

Crocs Disney Beach - Pink/Pearl

Now think, how much have you paid for a “good” pair of shoes that still ended up hurting your feet? I’d be willing to bet it was more than $30. If it wasn’t, sorry, but you didn’t buy a good pair of shoes.

Still can’t get over their looks, even though they come in a rainbow of colors? How about a pair of flip flops, sandals or even waterproof rain boots? Crocs come in a wide variety of styles and colors for all types of activities or events. They’re even non-skid, dont hold water, and float, for boaters. Another popular choice is the Teva Sandal, I haven’t personally tried this one but it has a small following online too. You can get Crocs at Shoebuy as well as tons of other cool shoes for men, women, and children. Shoebuy will give a first time buyer 10% off plus free shipping and if you register on their site, don’t check out as a guest, you’ll always get the discount as well as promotional emails.

I’ve always said, I love a good pair of ugly shoes…