Today is one of those days that makes me worry on those mornings when I’m lying in the bed thinking how nice it feels and maybe I could just skip this one. I made myself get up even though that bed felt extra good for some reason, but I took my time getting ready, having some ice water to get me through my short 4 miler and headed out the door still thinking about that bed. Read more

So I bailed yesterday on my 8 mile run, yep, I was up on time, brushed my teeth, but I wasn’t certain I was all up for an 8 miler. So listening to what Lydia had told me, I made the decision that there was no need to do it and be even more worn out, I needed to recover more. So Today I got up, still a little tired physically but got dressed and headed out. I also wore headphones for the first time in I don’t know how long, thinking some ol’ time rock n roll would help me prepare for a Rock and Roll Marathon. Read more

Again I find myself nervously heading out after a bad run, but I can’t blame mosquitos this time. I woke up a little later than I wanted but got out the door in just enough time to finish and shower before work, and not feel rushed and start getting my head screwed up with stupid things, I’m fortunate to have a job and boss that doesn’t require me to clock in at the stroke of 8:30 as long as I get the job done.  Read more

I waited until this evening to write this update for many reasons. Other than being flat tired, if I had written it earlier I would have probably just said “Todays run was a big fat #FAIL!” Today was another first, my first 14 mile long run and finally crossing that half marathon point. Unfortunately many mistakes, some of which I’ve yet to identify yet, I’d actually like some help on some of them and some help planning from here. Read more

A nice end to the “rest” week. Never thought I’d be calling 4 mile runs resting but thats what it is. Woke up a little late, didn’t get out the door until just after 8:00 but I still tried not to rush myself, even took a minute to drink a cup of ice water since the sun woud be above the trees in many stretches. Read more

In Savannah, GA the word cool is a relative thing in the month of July, but outside of a run in the rain a few weeks back, this morning was the coolest run all month, it was also mentally cleansing. It was only 4 miles but Tuesday’s 4 miler wasn’t the greatest so I was a little concerned last night as to how I’d feel this morning. But I woke early enough to not feel rushed, took my time getting ready, even had half a cup of ice water before stepping outside to let my phone sync up to the satellites before heading out. Read more

First run back home and boy am I glad this is my pullback week. Through my base building phase I ran three weeks that built mileage each week, then week four was a “rest” or pullback week where I cut way back on mileage and intensity. But now the pullback weeks aren’t always on week four, don’t ask me why, I didn’t write the plan, but I’m sure glad it was week three this time around. Those bad thoughts are starting to creep back in of “am I ready to start a marathon plan?” I only ran a few 5ks last year so I only seriously started training for a marathon in January. My base plan was supposed to get me from 3milers to able to run 10 miles, which it did even with a little time off for an injury. So now I’m wondering if I’m ready, if I have enough miles in my legs to handle this massive ramp up that I just started. Honestly I’m not sure at this point. Read more

Sadly, today was my last run in Disney until October when I’ll run my 1st half marathon. Oh, I’ll have run more than 13.1 miles at a time by then, but not in an “event,” so as long as I stay healthy and injury free, the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, which is at night, should be a breeze. Read more

Today’s run will stand out for two reasons. The main was is that we stayed out til 2:00AM at Magic Kingdom this morning and weren’t in bed til 2:45ish so I got up a little later than usual, not a lot so I’m probably going to burn out quicker this evening, but a little later. This cause me to be a little slow getting out the door and I ended up on twitter talking to two friends and next thing I knew it was another hour later so I didn’t even get outside until after 9:30 and paid dearly in sweat droplets. Read more

I’ve actually been looking forward to today’s run, especially after the 12 miler Sunday, I only needed 6 today. It wasn’t too long ago I thought 6 miles was forever but it’s almost a “short” run any more except my Saturday 4 mile runs, maybe we’ll call 6 “maintenance.” Read more