Chase the Sun Ultra Finisher's MedalSaturday I ran my second ultra, the Chase The Sun Ultra. I had been thinking about running this race for a while, it was entered into my run calendar, but I didn’t register for it until 4 days out from the event. What finally convinced me to sign up, other than pay day? Two things, getting to run with local run friends in a bad ass distance race, and the thing that finally pushed me over the fence to register, realizing that race day was the last day of summer. Doesn’t sound like much when you say it like that, but when I thought about it, my first ultra was Bad Marsh Night Ultra 3 months ago, June 22, the first day of summer, so I got to book end summer by running 30 mile ultra, with people I like to be with. Read more

This past weekend I completed my first ultra marathon, the Bad Marsh Night Ultra 50k, after 3 solid months of preparation, unfortunately it was after a not so solid 12 months of being slack. 2011 was my first foray into endurance events, culminating in the Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon. I ran my plan all year and did well on my first marathon, had some soreness afterward which I expected, but recovered well with no injuries. I think something in my head said “you did it, now what” and after recovery, my training slacked off. I did a bridge run a month later, and 2 half marathons in February 2012, and that pretty much ended my running, even though I’d signed up for Rock n Roll 2012 the following November. Read more

My first ultra marathon, wow! This was a totally different experience from the huge races I’ve run like RunDisney, Rock n Roll, Cooper River Bridge Run, or the biggest of all, Peachtree Road Race. All of these races have 20,000-70,000 runners, on wide roads, with corrals, huge staging areas that you have a challenge just parking and getting to your corral, and usually some, if not lots, of festivities, fireworks, music, and characters to entertain. This race was none of that, and it was wonderful! I’m also going to break this up into a race report and a “what I learned” lessons post. Read more

I wasn’t even going to run this race. We’ve been going the last weekend in February for several years now dating back to ESPN the Weekend, my first race I ever ran was the ESPN the Weekend 5k 3 years ago even. But I ran the Princess Half last year, we had decided to go to Marathon Weekend in January, which we don’t typically do, and I was running the Goofy Challenge, so we just decided to skip this whole trip this year. Unfortunately, about 2 months ago, a good friend John, another Disney freak, took a bad fall but had registered to run. He waited and waited until it was getting close but 2 weeks out decided it wasn’t worth it and put the word out and another good friend Amanda, another Disney freak, texted and said there was a bib available, she’d been hounding me for months to come. So I jumped on it and we made plans to go. Read more

This past weekend I ran my third official half marathon, my second in Disney. This race went much better than the Tybee Half 3 weeks ago, even though I wasn’t much more prepared for this one in such a short time, there’s just something about running in Disney that psychs you up and gets you motivated to run 13.1miles. Read more

This weekend I ran the Tybee Half Marathon, it was part of the Critz Tybee Run Fest, a 5 race, 2 day series of races spaced out so you could run them all and if you did, they add up to a full marathon, 26.2 miles.
Read more

I finally did it. A long time bucket list item has now been checked off the list, I ran a marathon. Since I was a teenager I always wanted to do a triathlon and a marathon so this goal has been a long time coming. I’m not even sure why I had this desire, I never liked running alone until this past year, even last year the slipshod training I thought I was doing for those few 5ks was mind numbingly excruciating. Having a goal and a plan I think was the key! Read more

This is it, the last run before the big race. I’ve done all the training I can do before Saturday. Not to say I couldn’t have done more, I’ve missed some runs, I’ve missed some runs recently even. I’ve justified it by thinking that its better to have missed those particular runs and be healthy but “less ready” than to have attempted them and risked injury. But tonight I finished my last 4 miles on a night run, feeling good, with the moon shining down lighting the roads. Read more

I did it, today I made it through a 20 mile long run and I did it in Vibram Fivefinger Bikilas. 8 months ago as I was slogging my fat gut over the Savannah River on the Bridge run I never would have thought in a million years that I would be able to run 20 miles at one time but here I am. According to my training plan, as modified by Lydia at Fleet Feet, 20 miles is the longest training run I will do prior to the Rock and Roll Marathon in November. Thats not to say that it was great, perfect, or even anywhere near the best run, there were a few issues along the way but I still made it to the end with a very respectable time I think and only room for improvement. Read more

What an awesome run, they should all feel like this. I woke up early, especially for not going to bed til midnight, but laid in the bed reading the iPad for an hour or so until I finally decided that I had to get out of the cozy, warm bed and go run. With only a 4 miler I didn’t bother eating or anything, just headed out with music to fuel me.  Read more