I wasn’t even going to run this race. We’ve been going the last weekend in February for several years now dating back to ESPN the Weekend, my first race I ever ran was the ESPN the Weekend 5k 3 years ago even. But I ran the Princess Half last year, we had decided to go to Marathon Weekend in January, which we don’t typically do, and I was running the Goofy Challenge, so we just decided to skip this whole trip this year. Unfortunately, about 2 months ago, a good friend John, another Disney freak, took a bad fall but had registered to run. He waited and waited until it was getting close but 2 weeks out decided it wasn’t worth it and put the word out and another good friend Amanda, another Disney freak, texted and said there was a bib available, she’d been hounding me for months to come. So I jumped on it and we made plans to go. Read more

It’s hard to believe another year has finally passed and it’s time for our annual pilgrimage to Disney with the whole family. Travel day, Sunday, was pretty non eventful and went like most of our travel days do. Everyone was up early actually, no one had to be drug out the bed except the youngest one who then slept to somewhere around Daytona I think, and we had no problems or arguments even. :) We got our Little Guy trailer loaded pretty quickly and were on the road 15 minutes before planned. Read more

Last year we kind of “discovered” Tybee events. We did Mardi Gras and St Patricks Day parades plus July 4th fireworks and attempted Labor Day but the wind/sand storm forced us to leave. We missed Mardi Gras this year but thought it would be good to get the kids dressed up in green and go get some beads and candy. Read more

So by now I’m sure most of you know we have this little celebration every March 17th in Savannah, Ga, called St Patrick’s Day. It’s only the 2nd largest parade in the US, but definitely the largest party afterward. It was on a Tuesday this year and the girls were out of school so we headed downtown with our neighbor Lonnie. We got there about 8:00 and headed to a Starbucks for a little warm up/wake up juice and get the kids a little bite to eat. It was still a little cool out and I had opted for shorts opting to deal with the cool for a little while in hopes of making it up on the back side with the predicted nice weather so getting inside out of the windy gray chill was good. Read more

Again we took a trip to beautiful Tybee Island for another parade, this time St Patrick’s day. Tybee held it’s parade on the Saturday before the big Savannah parade and we again had kids on hand and an extra one to boot in Courtney, Alyssa’s friend, so we loaded up and trekked to the island hoping for another fun day. It was gray and cooler this time, as opposed to the beautiful day we had in February for Mardi Gras, so we decided to get back off the beach breeze a little and stood on Tybrisa this time. Read more

This past weekend Tybee had it’s first Annual Mardi Gras parade and street party. We had all four kids this weekend so Kriss and I made plans to go down to the beach and check it out. The kids really love going to the beach and the weather was going to be nice. We got there early enough to get good parking and get down by the pier where a few vendors were set up selling beads, masks, drinks, etc. We had over an hour before the parade came so we walked up on the pier and then the kids wanted to go dig in the sand so we let them while we sat on the pier and enjoyed the sun.We ran in to several friends too. Read more

Alyssa was asked to be in the fashion show for Maurice’s at the Southern Women’s Show yesterday. She got to get out of school early and go to the Trade Center Friday and get dressed up/made up and walk the runway. She liked doing it and said she would do it again. Kriss also got to meet a bunch of people like Chef Joe Randall and saw lots of friends there. She has more pictures on her Facebook and at the Southeast411 Page

This year our new tradition of the kids making gingerbread houses is carried on. This started last year when Auntie Dawna (aunt Donna is from Boston) came down for Thanksgiving and on the weekend after she bought a gingerbread house kit for Kellie to decorate while the other two were off for the weekend. So this year nana bought three kits for each of them to decorate on their own. From L-R; Erin’s, Alyssa’s, and Kellie’s. I’m not certain if all of the royal icing is going to come up off the floor, carpet, counter, tv remote, or cordless phone, but we have three lovely gingerbread houses to show for it so thats a pretty fair trade off. Click pic for full size view.

testEvery year Santa comes through our neighborhood on a fire truck with lights flashing and siren blaring. We always run out to meet him and take pictures and get some candy. When we first moved here he would come down our street and turn around in the cul-de-sac. Then 2 years ago he faked us out and stopped up the road at a fork and turned around so we went up to meet him this year. I’m not certain but I think Santa has been in the egg nog a little too much before this ride, click on the pic and check him out up close.

It did help get the kids to bed early though. We told them that Santa was still in the area so he was able to keep an eye on them. “He sees you when you’re sleeping, He knows when you’re awake …..”

Kids on Halloween at Capt Jack Sparrow\'sYep, this is the first year that we’ve had all four kids, or Marc at all, on Halloween for Trick or Treating. I drove up Friday afternoon to get him and try to get back in time before the other 3 ripped the door down at dark, we barely made it right after dark. Kellie was Princess Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty as you probably know her. I’m not sure what Erin was, I guess a dead, scary, witchy, something or another. Marc was a cowboy, at least that’s what he said he was, there was a hat. Alyssa was scariest of them all, she was an ugly, mean looking witch :) ! We walked a good bit through the neighborhood though there were some skipped houses along the way, I think the older kids hit more but they always get ahead of Kellie since they don’t need adults holding their hand. We worked our way around to where the Pirate’s of the Caribbean show will be the next weekend, at one of our neighbor’s houses. He does a big production that gets bigger each year with costumes, sets, smoke, etc, and it’s free although they will take charitable donations to benefit SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This was in front of the Flying Dutchman set. Click on the image to see the full size version. The extra girl beside Erin is her friend down the street Ashley.

I then walked Erin over to a friend’s house that was having a party ’til late, their house was all made up cool with crystal balls with floating heads inside them and lighting effects, while the rest of us went to get something to eat and then we all came back home to divy up the treasure and enjoy a sugar rush.