Bigbie.net was started in the summer of 2003 when my daughter Kellie was born. I was off work for the week and my wife Kriss and I were living a few counties away from civilization so I thought it would be a great way to tell family and friends about how she was doing and show pictures of her.

Now it’s grown into a full site about our family and all of our kids are included as well as our hobbies and interests, yes there is more than Disney here, and in the future maybe even more.

Our family lives in and around Savannah, GA where we enjoy being on the coast and mild weather. There aren’t many of us left here on either my wife or my side of the family due to moving away, deaths, or other “issues” but those of us remaining are firmly entrenched in our southern surroundings.

Fortunately we still have four of our five parents here (yes five, there are more “steps” in my life than you can count.) Our four kids keep us occupied since our household is a cross of the Brady Bunch meets the Osbournes with a seven year range from the youngest to oldest. We really could write a book or make some cable channel reality tv show about our daily lives.

Enjoy~ Marc

Our family