Day trip to Bull’s Island, SC

Dad and I took a trip to Bull’s Island, a barrier island just north of Charleston, SC. It was a hike by Coastal Expeditions, a local guide company that runs a ferry out to the island. Dad has been doing a few of these on several of the Georgia & South Carolina islands, retirement is nice, but this is the first I got to do with him. We used to go out in the rivers around Savannah a lot when I was younger, I miss those days.

I had hoped to use the trip for some photography time but we covered a LOT of distance, over 14 miles which is more than a half marathon. The weather was beautiful but the pace we had to keep up in order to cover the amount of ground the guide wanted to cover was pretty high so I wasn’t able to snap as much as I would have liked. I’d love for us to go back without the group and just explore the island.

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