Week 2 Day 5 A Late, Hot, Short Run

Today’s run will stand out for two reasons. The main was is that we stayed out til 2:00AM at Magic Kingdom this morning and weren’t in bed til 2:45ish so I got up a little later than usual, not a lot so I’m probably going to burn out quicker this evening, but a little later. This cause me to be a little slow getting out the door and I ended up on twitter talking to two friends and next thing I knew it was another hour later so I didn’t even get outside until after 9:30 and paid dearly in sweat droplets.

The second reason this morning’s run stands out is I think that I’ve realized that I actually like running loops versus out and back courses. At home I’m forced to at minimum run the first/last mile out and back but I do have a few options from there. However, I’ve always rationalized that out and backs were better because they kept me away from home and temptation if stopping. The negative is that now that my runs are so long and the weather so hot, fluid intake is becoming a problem so I’ve been introducing small loops into my home runs. But in Disney that hasn’t been an issue, there is water flowing everywhere that I’ve run so far, as I’ve outlined in previous posts. Plus I’ve run the same basic loop now 5 times in the past week that we’ve been here, so this morning with only a 4 mile run ahead of me, I decided to wing it and deviate to make a little different loop instead of the out and back I thought I would do initially since the big loop was too far for today’s run.

So today I turned after running out of Old Key West down the path to Downtown Disney, I turned at the 3rd bridge that takes you to the clubhouse at Saratoga Springs. After crossing I took an immediate right which takes you to the Saratoga Springs boat dock. I had never been there before from the land side so I just followed the road and ended up passing the Disney Vacation Club office that I’d been to before and knew it was right off the main road leading out of the resort. The one drawback here was that since I got such a late start there were a lot of people, cars, buses, etc out plus I was running through the most populated area near the main feature pool at 10:00AM so I had to dodge a few people. At the main bus stop I crossed the road and wound through a parking lot to get back to the front entrance and found my trusty course that I’d been running there and followed it the rest of the way to the Treehouse Villas and Old Key West, it was almost exactly 4 miles back to the quiet pool where I promptly stripped all but my shorts off and plopped in among the guests who were wondering what the heck those weird shoes were that the sweaty guy was peeling off his feet.

Nothing else really to say, it was a hot short run, that should have been faster if I’d gotten out the door 2 hours before.

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