Week 2 Day 2 Easy Disney Run

I’ve actually been looking forward to today’s run, especially after the 12 miler Sunday, I only needed 6 today. It wasn’t too long ago I thought 6 miles was forever but it’s almost a “short” run any more except my Saturday 4 mile runs, maybe we’ll call 6 “maintenance.”

I don’t bother to carry fluid on a 6 mile or under and with the abundance of water along my path it was liberating to not carry the bottle AND be able to do a 5 second water break on top of it. I got out the room a touch later than I wanted, just after 7:00AM but the temperature was several degrees less and the humidity dropped, has something to do with the high pressure pushing the tropical storm Bret away from Florida this week, regardless, it was welcome. In the sun was warm but much of the run here in Disney is shaded.

I basically did the same loop I did Sunday with a short backtrack to make up a half mile or so, mentally it all just came together I think. Shorter run, different but known terrain, cooler temperature, I even pulled the phone out for a few snap shots along the way.

I only saw 3 other runners, one was a lady that came out of Saratoga Springs ahead of me but I couldn’t catch her going in the same direction and just disappeared around the corner. I get a little nervous approaching a female from behind, especially in this case because we were running out of the resort to a wooded area on the way to Treehouse Villas, I don’t want to make anyone feel like I’m stalking them, especially since I’m running topless. None the less, I wasn’t gaining on her so even if I had bad intentions I’d have needed to find slower prey :). The other 2 guys were headed opposite me, well one was, the other was kinda hobbling along through Downtown Disney like he’d just started running and overdone it, glad I started serious in January when it was cold.

Treehouse Villas Path to Old Key WestI did take a picture of the exit from Treehouse Villas to the walking path that will take you back to Old Key West, I ran right past it the first day and then recognized the path just passed it that takes you back to Saratoga Springs. There is a Coke machine staring right at you though so just look for something that looks like the picture here. You can just see the path going to Saratoga Springs through the trees, the first part of the red arrow is touching it, it’s only a few steps passed the vending machine so not too hard to spot now that I’ve made it easy for you. The path to the Old Key West walkway is pretty wide with cement curbs on it, you could take most cars through it. The only thing that through me off was the “Service Path Only” sign. But there are even some of the wilderness identification signs for people hiking around to spot certain types of flora and fauna along this path and its only maybe 100 ft long or so, its even lit along the way. If you click the picture it’ll get bigger, also take note of the water at the bottom right corner, this place is definitely a swamp!

Freestanding drinking fountain in Saratoga SpringsI also thought to snap a picture of the water fountains behind the grills I mentioned in the previous post. They are just passed the 3 mile marker on my map (click View Full to see mileage marks) so keep an eye out on the grills and horses, they were the only ones I spotted on this path that weren’t near a pool. Most of the ones I saw near pools were all attached to the building housing the restrooms so pretty easy to spot. These just barely caught my eye because this is like a gazebo in between several of the villas where you could go grill out and the fountain is on the other side of it, thin, and black, so keep your eyes out for more, I’m sure there are some elsewhere. I also didn’t bother to take a picture of the one on the path from Old Key West to Downtown Disney but it’s my favorite one, because its RIGHT THERE on the path and it’s got the coldest water of them all. It’s in the open with nothing around it but a practice putting green and the water on one side and the number one tee box on the other, if you miss this one you shouldn’t be running without a seeing eye dog.

There also wasn’t any pressure washing going on in Downtown Disney, guess they don’t do that daily, but there were a lot more service type people working in the area today so still be aware of where you step. It was still wet and there were hoses, grass clippings, plants getting changed out, grass being weed whacked near the Lego dragon in the lake, and so on. I also wore my Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas again today with no issues, I’ll probably wear them again tomorrow on my 8 mile run. I’m torn between doing this known loop again or trying something new but in order to try something new I either need to get out of the area which I’m not keen on because of traffic and lack of water, or loop around more through the resorts and I’m apt to get turned around and lost in Saratoga Springs and have no idea where mileage will end up so smart money would probably be on my doing some form of this loop with some back tracking to add the other 2 miles. I also would typically carry my bottle on an 8 mile run but I’m thinking about shooting some Powerade in the room before I leave and then rely on the water fountains so I don’t have to carry that bottle. I did feel slightly less energetic today, probably since I hadn’t eaten, maybe I should have done a Gu shot in the room before leaving, maybe I’ll try that tomorrow too.

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