Last run of week 1 in the Rain

Last run of the week, last run at home for a while. We left today for an 8 day working trip in Disney but I still needed to get my 4 mile run in so I got up and headed out the door before anyone else was up with hopes of cooler temps after the rain we had all Friday afternoon and evening. What I didn’t expect was to walk out into a light sprinkle.

After a quick chat with my neighbor in the driveway and not much thought about looking at the radar, I took off down the street. By mile 1 it had basically stopped raining but less than a mile later it started back again harder than before. I only for a split second thought about turning around but it was less than half a mile to my turn around and it was only a 4 mile run anyway. What I didn’t think about was sticking my phone in a sandwich baggie, I’ve not really run in rain yet and usually only bag it for runs over 5 miles, so I tucked it inside my pants waistband to offer a little more protection than my running belt offers. Unfortunately on the drive down to Disney I noticed it had some moisture inside so I stuck it on the dashboard to hopefully warm enough to dry out but I’ve had issues with it for weeks and they seemed to worsen today, that’s a whole mother topic :-/

The run was great though, I’m really glad I went and even happier I didn’t check the radar before I left because I might not have gone. It was the coolest temp I’d run in in over two months and it felt even cooler with the rain hitting bare skin, yeah I’m running topless right now…

Today’s short run also marked another milestone, 100 miles in my VFF Bikilas. I seem to be┬átransitioning┬ánicely to them and hope I can continue to as my miles ramp up. Safety is number 1 but I’m feeling safer in them than “normal” running shoes.

Amazingly I did pass 4-5 other runners, one may have been seen twice, but that’s more than I usually see on longer runs, much less a little 4 miler in the rain. I’m in Disney now too trying to figure out a plan to run my first 12 mile long run and in unfamiliar, running wise at least, territory. Getting the miles in plus having access to fluids are my biggest concerns, stay tuned.

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