Week 1 Day 4 I Found a Ball

So how would today turn out, I was curious to find out. With only a 6 mile run I was happy either way but was a little upset at how late I stayed up last night. I did wake up early though, catch 22 in that I had time to grab a bite but wasn’t as rested as I probably should have. I didn’t bother with the bottle since it was only 6 miles so I grabbed a cup of ice water and downed it over the period of getting dressed and ready.

When I walked out I was again surprised at the lack of smoke, YAY, so I started my mapping program and took off. I again was trying to decide a direction even on a 6 mile run, without my bottle I could do out 3 and back 3, or I could run my “Y” and do a bunch of 1 mile legs. I turned the right part of the Y which is also the direction out of the neighborhood so it could still be an out and back and gave me another mile to think about it, but in the middle of the second mile is a short rock road that connects 2 neighborhoods that I cross and it comes out at the next neighborhood’s common area where their pool, playground, and tennis court. Low and behold I spotted a lone tennis ball in the grass behind the court. I’d been wanting a tennis ball to use to massage my feet bottoms when I sit at my desk all day. I work from home and rarely have on shoes and with the big mileage buildup I’ve been noticing a little more lingering stress in the feet after my runs. I’d read about using a tennis ball to just sit your foot on and roll across it back and forth so with one in my sites and no players around, I assumed it was left from the previous day, jogged off the road and tossed it closer to my return path, and decided to turn around at the 2 mile mark and do my Y pattern and grab the ball on the way back so I wouldn’t have to carry it the whole way. I could have probably done out and back but risked it sitting there an extra 20 minutes in plain view so Y it was. Sure enough it was there when I came back by so I grabbed it and headed off to finish my 6.

I felt even better on this run. I was cooling decently, no feet problems, head was clear, all was good. I picked my pace up a little but never even bothered to pull the phone out and look at the time, so I did like Forrest Gump and just ran without worrying about time with my new foot massager.

I did use the ball at my desk throughout the day, it did feel good too, I’m hoping my feet recover faster. I wish I had something for the calves too, I’m considering some compression sleeves to wear at my desk since I won’t look like a dork, no one is around to see me.

I don’t run on Friday and we leave for Disney on Saturday morning, I think I’ll still do my short 4 miler Saturday morning before we leave though. Before Sunday I need to plan out my first 12 mile run ever and it’ll be in Disney. I’ll have 6 runs in Disney but this is the only long one, but it’ll be something new for sure, change of scenery.

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