Week 1 Day 3 Fingers Crossed for a Good Run or Else

Ok, this has to be it. Two sucky runs back to back and here I was on my Wednesday 8 miler. Fortunately my head was screwed on straight today. I walked outside and WOW, there was no smoke. I grabbed my bottle and filled it with Powerade, shot a Gu real quick since I woke a little later than I’d hoped and didn’t have time to actually eat, run, shower, and be ready for work. Back out and off I went trying to decide which direction I was going to run to make up 8 miles. From my house every run starts with the same 1 mile direction out of the neighborhood but by there I have a decision to make of a direction. In my base build up miles I had gotten used to running out and back courses verses multiple loops, I didn’t want to keep running over the same sections over and over and I didn’t want to head back home before half way and give myself any excuse to turn and cut a run short. But as my Sunday long runs got longer and my week day runs were longer than my Sunday long runs were 2 months ago, all an hour minimum, I’d decided I needed to start having some type of fluid on any run over an hour, especially in the South in July with our humidity. So I’ve started running several of my runs in a “Y” type pattern of our roads. Instead of running out 4 miles and back 4, carrying a water bottle all the way or dropping it at a half way point and just not having it for part of the run, I would run the first mile to my decision point and drop the bottle, run 4 more miles one direction out and back to my bottle and drop it again, head 2 more miles the other direction out and back to the bottle, then carry it home. I did all 8 miles, only had to carry my bottle the first and last mile, plus had a drink at mile 1, 5, 7, and all the way home.

This run went great. It wasn’t my fastest or most enjoyable at all, but it was a good run with no smoke, the humidity was “quite” as bad, I had some nourishment from the Gu before the run and the Powerade during. I had scooted out the door pretty quickly barely awake but at mile 5 something just kicked in and I perked up, maybe the Gu finally hit the blood stream, idk, I’ll keep an eye on that, might be something good to know in the future of how long it takes after sucking one down. I’ve had better runs but after the previous two days I’ll take it.

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